Why CityShop.Club

This is a platform where you can register your shop for free and can upload your products so that the people who is searching the product in your area can get to know that this product is available in this area and in this shop

Who we are? What is our Aim?

We are a start-up based in Dhamtari District of Chhattisgarh working on on a mission to empower the local shops
In this modern age the rate of online shopping is increasing day by day and this has highly affected the local shopkeepers. The reason that people are not able to buy the same product available in their neighbour is because they are not able to know that it exist there ...so if the customer will come to know that the product is available in its neighbour why will he/she buy online?
Offline shopping is a trust since the civilisation era and it also holds a strong connection between the customer and shopkeeper.

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Address:Bathena Ward,Nahar Para Dhamtari-493773,Chhattisgarh